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23 October 2013
As we draw closer and closer into the winter it is becoming harder to take photo's for my outfit posts. This is because as soon as I get home for Sixth Form it's either raining or cloudy and damp. Sad, sad times. So to combat that, today I'm sharing an outfit that I took pictures of a couple of months ago, but trust me I still wear it!

New Look Top, Primark Jeans, H and M Bag and Dune Boots
This outfit is definitely something that I think Kylie Jenner would wear. It's very simple but accentuates your waist with the crop top and high waisted jeans. To make this outfit a bit more weather appropriate I'd probably recommend chucking on a leather jacket and a beanie otherwise you might be a bit chilly!

I hope you liked my outfit despite it being quite old and I look petrified in the last picture (I promise I don't look that scary in real life)! I've only got two days left of Sixth Form before half term and it seriously couldn't come soon enough! I feel exhausted and can't wait to have a lie in and plenty of pajama days as well as looking for a job.

In February I will hopefully be going to New York with Sixth Form and that means one thing... SHOPPING! But to shop you've got to have money hence my urgent need for a job and to save, so this could mean putting myself on a temporary shopping ban *weeps into laptop*. Have any of you tried it? Please say it's not as difficult as it looks?

Eleanor xx
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