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Review - Bleach London D.I.Y Dip Dye Kit

29 October 2013
Last Saturday I finally took the plunge and decided to ombré my hair. After lots of thought and encouragement from my friends I just decided to go for it despite never having dyed my own hair before let alone ombréd it!

I decided to buy the Bleach D.I.Y Dip Dye Kit from Boots for £7 as I'd lots of great things about it before. The box contains a mixing bowl, a tint brush, some gloves,  2 sachets of bleach powder, a sachet of blending lotion, a bottle of developing lotion and a their conditioning recovery mask. It says on the box to buy two kits if you have long hair but I have mid length hair and didn't even need half of the mixture so I'm sure if you had long hair you wouldn't need two kits. Money wise I think you get a lot for your money but I wish they'd included a small sample of toner so you didn't have to go out and buy one.

The mixing stage isn't particularly difficult it's just very messy as the bowl is a bit small, so I'd make sure you put something on the surface underneath the bowl as I ended up spilling it a couple of times. Application was quite simple and the blending location gives a nice blended effect minimizing the risk of that dreaded line across your head where the two colours meet.

It says to leave it on for about 15-30 minutes and test to see if it's the right colour, I left mine on for about 20 as my hair wasn't the darkest brown, I didn't want it to be ice blonde and also my hair was quite damaged to start with so I was a bit vary of the impact of the bleach on my hair! After washing off the dye my hair was left very dry but that was soon fixed by the recovery mask which I left on for 10 minutes. 

Overall I'm really happy with the finished result but I might get some toner just to slightly reduce the yellow and copper tones. Next time I might also leave it on a bit longer at the tips just to get it a bit blonder.

Have you ever ombréd your hair?

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - Disco Drippin'

27 October 2013
After I took the pictures for today's Sunday Nails I had to do something devastatingly tragic. Cut my nail very very short. WHY?! I hear the scream after spending weeks growing them and shaping into a perfect point? And the answer is that my nail were so damaged that my nails were bending and breaking right in the middle and the only solution was to cut them off and start again. So let's reminisce my long nails together with my last Halloween nail art.

Right so this isn't the scariest nail art but I still think it counts as a Halloween nail art because of the dripping blood. I think it's pretty, unusual and perfect if your going out clubbing on Halloween because of the way the light hits the hollographic nail polish making it shimmer and sparkle specks of rainbow.

I hope you liked my not so scary Halloween nail art and this mini series has given you a few ideas about how you want to paint your nails on Halloween. But what I really want to know is which one was your favourite? 

Eleanor xx

Outfit Posts - Just Want To Be A Jenner

23 October 2013
As we draw closer and closer into the winter it is becoming harder to take photo's for my outfit posts. This is because as soon as I get home for Sixth Form it's either raining or cloudy and damp. Sad, sad times. So to combat that, today I'm sharing an outfit that I took pictures of a couple of months ago, but trust me I still wear it!

New Look Top, Primark Jeans, H and M Bag and Dune Boots
This outfit is definitely something that I think Kylie Jenner would wear. It's very simple but accentuates your waist with the crop top and high waisted jeans. To make this outfit a bit more weather appropriate I'd probably recommend chucking on a leather jacket and a beanie otherwise you might be a bit chilly!

I hope you liked my outfit despite it being quite old and I look petrified in the last picture (I promise I don't look that scary in real life)! I've only got two days left of Sixth Form before half term and it seriously couldn't come soon enough! I feel exhausted and can't wait to have a lie in and plenty of pajama days as well as looking for a job.

In February I will hopefully be going to New York with Sixth Form and that means one thing... SHOPPING! But to shop you've got to have money hence my urgent need for a job and to save, so this could mean putting myself on a temporary shopping ban *weeps into laptop*. Have any of you tried it? Please say it's not as difficult as it looks?

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - Frankenstein

20 October 2013
This is the second Halloween nail art in my mini Halloween nail art series but this time it's a little more obvious as it's inspired by Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Frankenstein is like the monster of all Halloween Monsters and a popular choice for many people to dress up as on Halloween but if you don't fancy painting yourself green then this may be a perfect solution!

Frankenstein Nail Art

As a base colour I used OPI's Did It On Em' from the Nicki Minaj Collection, I then used my Black Models Own Nail Art Pen to create the black messy hair and stitched mouth and then my White Models Own Nail Art Pen for the eyes. It was quite quick, simple and easy and if you go slightly wrong it doesn't really matter as it just makes your little Frankensteins look a bit more creepy!

Frankenstein Nail Art

Next week will be my last Halloween themed Sunday Nails so if you have any special requests let me know down below.

Eleanor xx

October Wishlist

16 October 2013
How are we halfway through October already? Before we know it, it'll be November and then December and then Christmas! HOW IS IT NEARLY CHRISTMAS? IT'S ONLY JUST BEEN MY BIRTHDAY?!...

Mind. Blown.

Bleach DIY Dip Dye Kit - £7 and Bleach Super Cool Colour Rosé - £5
I've always secretly wanted to dye my hair candyfloss pink but it's never really been achievable without going to a salon, but now my dreams can become a reality as from this month you can buy home hair dye kits and colours from the colour experts Bleach London. This will certainly make dying your hair at home easier and cheaper than ever. I'm not quite sure I'll have the confidence to dye my whole head pink at first so I think I'll use their Dip Dye Kit and see how it goes before I risk looking like Frenchy from Grease! 

Topshop Skeleton All-In-One - £32
This may just look like a Halloween costume to the untrained eye but in reality it is much, much more. This beautiful skeleton all in one is possibly one of the coolest things I've ever seen, I mean common it looks like an x-ray! Yes, it may show every lump and bump but who cares it's Halloween!

River Island Black Satin Bite T-shirt - £20
Now does this t-shirt look extremely similar to those made by Givenchy like last year, you know the one's seen on celebs such as Kanye West and Liv Tyler? There is no denying that this is a good dupe if you don't have the dollar for the real thing, plus it's readily available on the high street so you don't have to wait months to get something similar sent from a Chinese website, what more could you ask for?

The Great Gatsby DVD - £10
Okay, so this doesn't actually come out until November 11th but I couldn't resist including it as we all know how I love a lot a bit of Leo. Don't worry though as you can pre-order it off Amazon and get Gatsby as soon as possible. Enough said.

Missguided Floppy Hat - £14.99
I have been searching for the perfect floppy hat for weeks now in my quest to be the bloggers answer to Audrey Hepburn. Okay, that will never happen but a girl can dream! (On another note, is it just me but the model in the picture is pulling a very unusual facial expression?)

Once again I apologize for talking about The Great Gatsby and Leonardo DiCaprio #sorrynotsorry

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - Glossy Spiderwebs

13 October 2013
It is that time of year again when Halloween is quickly falling upon us. Witches, ghouls and ghosts will soon be wandering the midnight streets in search of a candy fix, so to get us into the spooky spirit I decided to do a spiderweb themed nail art this week. 

As you can see I have finally found a black matte nail varnish in the form of a Barry M Matte Nail Paint in the colour Black Espresso and it was definitely worth the wait as unlike the Topshop matte nail varnishes this is actually matte, and Barry M have some very nice autumnal colours within their range. To create the spiderwebs I just used my Models Own Nail Art Pen in black. 

I love the subtly of this nail art as you only see the spiderwebs when they catch the light. This makes it perfect for those of you who don't want to go the whole hog and dress up, but also don't want to be accused of being a party pooper.  

Spiderweb Nail Art

How are you getting in the Halloween spirit?

Eleanor xx

Outfit Post - Who Says Only Scots Can Wear Tartan?

9 October 2013
Ahh tartan one of my a time favourite winter trends and one that will always be a trend in my eyes. I think it's definitely a trend that will suit everyone as there are so many different ways that it can be styled but today I've chosen to style this cute tartan dress.

Dress - Apricot, Shirt - Ben Sherman (my mums it's ancient!)

I bought this dress a couple of years ago when I saw Rihanna wearing a similar one but I've never really worn it or styled it so I thought why not give it a go? I styled it with a crisp white shirt and a spike necklace to give it a bit of edge but couldn't resist the frilly socks (they're so cute I couldn't help myself)!

Boots - Asos, Frilly Socks - Primark
Watch - Timex via Argos, Bracelet - Pandora 
Ring - Jewelers in Birmingham 
This is the ring that my parents bought me as a present for doing well in my exams, it's 9ct gold with a flat finish and two diamond cuts down the edges. I wanted something quite simple that I could wear on an everyday basis, some people have said it looks a bit like a wedding band but then if it had a stone you could say it looks like an engagement ring, so you can't do right for doing wrong! 

I hope you like my outfit, what trends will you be wearing this season?

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - Queen Of Hearts

6 October 2013
My nails have been square for a really long time but last week I decided that I wanted a change. But what shape have I changed them to? Hexagon? Triangle? Decagon? No...Stiletto! 

Stiletto nails are basically really long nails that come to a point and they have been seen on the likes of Rihanna and the Kardashians. Sadly my nails aren't as pointy or as long as I'd have liked but I wasn't going to get extensions or acrylics, so I'll just have to keep growing them and shaping them! 

The main reason I chose stiletto nails though was so I could do this heart nail art. It's so simple yet it looks really sophisticated (well I think so anyway!) As the base colour I used one of my favourite nail polishes Lychee by Barry M and then for the hearts I used Rimmel's 60 Second Nail Polish in Ready, Aim, Paint! 

Hope you liked this post, I'm sorry this has been my only post this week but I was going to do my Rate or Hate for September but I couldn't find the products to take pictures of them. How. Annoying. Urgh. 

Anyway I hope your weeks been lovely.

Eleanor xx