Sunday Nails - Matte Red Mani

15 September 2013
Why are matte nail varnishes so hard to find? I've been looking for a matte topcoat for months and I'm still yet to find one. Today I spent maybe half an hour in boots and then another half an hour in Superdrug looking for one and I had no luck at all, all I could find was glossy or sparkly topcoats the opposite of what I wanted. 

I'm surprised it's taking drug store makeup brands so long to catch onto the trend, the only high street brands I know to be bringing out matte nail varnishes are Barry M and Topshop, the Topshop one's are already in stores unlike Barry M who are bringing their's out next month, but either way neither collection included a topcoat, only different coloured nail varnishes which is rather disappointing. 

Losing all hope I decided to go back to Topshop and buy a matte red nail varnish from them (as they don't do back my preferred colour), and anyway as I was walking there you'll never guess who I saw, only Joe Sugg known for his YouTube Channel Thatcher Joe and being the sister of one of my favourite beauty bloggers Zoella and to say I was shocked is a bit of an understatement! I love Joe's YouTube channel and he's really hot of course I fancy him a little but I had to do a double take to make sure it was him. By the time my brain had registered who it was we'd already walked past each other and I'd missed my chance to go and talk to him but maybe it was for the best as I was speechless and shaking like a leaf.

I never thought I'd be that starstruck if I met someone who I watched on YouTube as before I'd never considered them as celebrities but I guess you could call subscribers fans as you never expect to see a YouTuber in real life like you'd never expect to see a celebrity and you support them by watching their videos like you'd support a singer by buying their album or going to see them at a concert? WEIRD.

Have you ever met someone famous/YouTube famous? Please tell me my reaction was normal!

Eleanor xx
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