September Wishlist

19 September 2013
Why is life so busy? It's not even consistent with it's busyness but instead I'll go through lulls of nothingness to extreme busyness, humph. I've even been so busy that I've barely had any time at all to do some internet shopping and I no longer know the exact items in Topshop's 'New In' section of their website off by heart, that is how little time I've had. But luckily for you I've had enough time to share with you the few things that have caught my eye this month!

RiRi Hearts Mac Autumn/Winter Collection
When Rihanna released her first collection with Mac a few months back the whole world wanted a piece of it and therefore I sadly didn't get my hands on any of the collection. But hopefully when her new autumn/winter collection is launched next month I'll be able to get my hands on it as it looks so pretty especially with the rose gold packaging. I just hope Mac produce more stock so that it doesn't sell out on the first day!

Missguided Clear Bag - £24.99
I first saw this bag on Kavita from She Wears Fashion and instantly knew I wanted it! I've been looking for a clear bag or clutch for ages but I haven't really seen one that I liked until I saw this. It's quite big, has an envelope style, has a gold chain strap and is perfect! But I would be careful what I carry in it as I wouldn't want people eyeing up my possessions!

River Island Chunky Black Cutout Boots - £45
It feels like cutout boots have been everywhere over the past few months but sadly I do not have the money to spend £120 on some from Jeffery Campbell so the next best thing are these black cutout boots in River Island. But one thing I have always wondered is what happens when it rains? Don't your feet get wet? Hmmmmm...

Gold Ankle Cuff Ebay - £4.99
I keep seeing these gold ankle cuffs on Tumblr and it's because they look so beautiful with any shoes! They're very versatile and look amazing with black heels but I can also imagine them paired with those chunky River Island boots, so I found these on ebay, they have hundreds on there so I just picked a random pair but they're all relatively cheap.

Topshop Holographic Skirt - £38
Okay I have no idea when or where I would wear this skirt but it's soo prewtty! Completely unpractical, a not the cheapest but utterly gorgeous, I could wear it with my holographic nail varnish and be all matchy matchy yay!

Which was your favourite?

Eleanor xx
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