Outfit Post - Taking It Too Far

25 September 2013
Now this was meant to be as part of a Back To School - Week In Outfits but we're now three weeks into the school term so it's a bit to late but I wanted to post it anyway as I love this look.
T-Shirt Topshop, Jeans Primark and Bag H and M
I love how casual this look is yet it's still stylish and doesn't look to 'try hard' unlike some of my other outfits as my friends are always telling me I'm overdressed haha! This is the sort of outfit I'd wear to college as it's comfortable and my feet won't start aching if I have to walk home. 
Earrings New Look, Scrunchie Homemade and Shoes Converse
I'm sorry this has been quite a sort post but I find it quite difficult to describe my outfits as the pictures do all of the talking! Also excuse the moody face! How do you guys manage to keep to casual yet show off your style?

Eleanor xx
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