Holla Holographic

1 September 2013
If you read my last post which was "What I Got For My Birthday" then you'll have seen the holographic nail polish that I got off my friend Maddie, but being the idiot I am at first I didn't even realise that this polish was holographic despite it even saying on the bottle. But the other night when I was chilling just watching TV, something shimmery caught my eye, I looked over and I could see this rainbow shiver running through what I thought was just a silver nail polish, it was then I realized that this was no ordinary nail polish.

Instantly I painted my nails with it and was mesmerized by the rainbow shimmer shimmer when the light hits my nails, unfortunately this didn't photograph that well but if you happen to be in boots go have a look a this nail polish because it's so pretty!

On another note I'm very tempted not to post a August Rate Or Hate this month is that bad? I've just bought so many nice things that I want to do a haul but all in good time.

Eleanor xx
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