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Sunday Nails - Living Like Lichtenstein

29 September 2013
When I was studying GCSE Art we learnt about lots of different artists and one of them was Roy Lichtenstein. Even if you think you do not know who Roy Lichtenstein is, I'm 100% sure you would recognise his distinctive pop art comic book paintings, that has been been copied onto mugs, cushions, wall paper, wall art and hundreds of other products by hundreds of brands, and it's his distinctive superhero style that has inspired my nail art today. 

I love this nail art but boy is it difficult trying to do my right hand, I kept getting cramp in my left thumb and now it's twitching. Not. Good. Haha. But I guess it's worth it considering how pretty it looks, no pain no gain eh?   

Eleanor xx

Outfit Post - Taking It Too Far

25 September 2013
Now this was meant to be as part of a Back To School - Week In Outfits but we're now three weeks into the school term so it's a bit to late but I wanted to post it anyway as I love this look.
T-Shirt Topshop, Jeans Primark and Bag H and M
I love how casual this look is yet it's still stylish and doesn't look to 'try hard' unlike some of my other outfits as my friends are always telling me I'm overdressed haha! This is the sort of outfit I'd wear to college as it's comfortable and my feet won't start aching if I have to walk home. 
Earrings New Look, Scrunchie Homemade and Shoes Converse
I'm sorry this has been quite a sort post but I find it quite difficult to describe my outfits as the pictures do all of the talking! Also excuse the moody face! How do you guys manage to keep to casual yet show off your style?

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails -White Simplicity

22 September 2013
Now normally when I do a Sunday Nails post I show you some form of nail art but this week is a little different as I've decided to show you instead one of my favourite nail polishes: Barry M's Nail Paint in Matte White. 

I adore the look of white nails, I just think they look so chic and elegant white trying to hard, making Matte White one of my all time favourite nail polishes. Some people may argue that it's boring as it's 'just a white nail varnish' but I love the opaque glossy finish that it provides despite it being quite misleadingly called 'Matte' White.
One thing I have to say though is every time I wear it amongst compliments I'll get the odd comment from an oblivious boy saying "Uh why have you got Tipex on your nails?" To which I will reply with nothing but a look that screams "ARE YOU A STUPID HEAD THIS IS WHITE NAIL VARNISH YOU DUMMY!" 

Sorry If you found this post a tiny bit boring but I don't think my Sunday Nails posts would be truthful if I didn't show you genuinely what is on my nails but don't worry I'll probably have nail art next week! 

It doesn't really look like Tipex does it?
Eleanor xx

September Wishlist

19 September 2013
Why is life so busy? It's not even consistent with it's busyness but instead I'll go through lulls of nothingness to extreme busyness, humph. I've even been so busy that I've barely had any time at all to do some internet shopping and I no longer know the exact items in Topshop's 'New In' section of their website off by heart, that is how little time I've had. But luckily for you I've had enough time to share with you the few things that have caught my eye this month!

RiRi Hearts Mac Autumn/Winter Collection
When Rihanna released her first collection with Mac a few months back the whole world wanted a piece of it and therefore I sadly didn't get my hands on any of the collection. But hopefully when her new autumn/winter collection is launched next month I'll be able to get my hands on it as it looks so pretty especially with the rose gold packaging. I just hope Mac produce more stock so that it doesn't sell out on the first day!

Missguided Clear Bag - £24.99
I first saw this bag on Kavita from She Wears Fashion and instantly knew I wanted it! I've been looking for a clear bag or clutch for ages but I haven't really seen one that I liked until I saw this. It's quite big, has an envelope style, has a gold chain strap and is perfect! But I would be careful what I carry in it as I wouldn't want people eyeing up my possessions!

River Island Chunky Black Cutout Boots - £45
It feels like cutout boots have been everywhere over the past few months but sadly I do not have the money to spend £120 on some from Jeffery Campbell so the next best thing are these black cutout boots in River Island. But one thing I have always wondered is what happens when it rains? Don't your feet get wet? Hmmmmm...

Gold Ankle Cuff Ebay - £4.99
I keep seeing these gold ankle cuffs on Tumblr and it's because they look so beautiful with any shoes! They're very versatile and look amazing with black heels but I can also imagine them paired with those chunky River Island boots, so I found these on ebay, they have hundreds on there so I just picked a random pair but they're all relatively cheap.

Topshop Holographic Skirt - £38
Okay I have no idea when or where I would wear this skirt but it's soo prewtty! Completely unpractical, a not the cheapest but utterly gorgeous, I could wear it with my holographic nail varnish and be all matchy matchy yay!

Which was your favourite?

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - Matte Red Mani

15 September 2013
Why are matte nail varnishes so hard to find? I've been looking for a matte topcoat for months and I'm still yet to find one. Today I spent maybe half an hour in boots and then another half an hour in Superdrug looking for one and I had no luck at all, all I could find was glossy or sparkly topcoats the opposite of what I wanted. 

I'm surprised it's taking drug store makeup brands so long to catch onto the trend, the only high street brands I know to be bringing out matte nail varnishes are Barry M and Topshop, the Topshop one's are already in stores unlike Barry M who are bringing their's out next month, but either way neither collection included a topcoat, only different coloured nail varnishes which is rather disappointing. 

Losing all hope I decided to go back to Topshop and buy a matte red nail varnish from them (as they don't do back my preferred colour), and anyway as I was walking there you'll never guess who I saw, only Joe Sugg known for his YouTube Channel Thatcher Joe and being the sister of one of my favourite beauty bloggers Zoella and to say I was shocked is a bit of an understatement! I love Joe's YouTube channel and he's really hot of course I fancy him a little but I had to do a double take to make sure it was him. By the time my brain had registered who it was we'd already walked past each other and I'd missed my chance to go and talk to him but maybe it was for the best as I was speechless and shaking like a leaf.

I never thought I'd be that starstruck if I met someone who I watched on YouTube as before I'd never considered them as celebrities but I guess you could call subscribers fans as you never expect to see a YouTuber in real life like you'd never expect to see a celebrity and you support them by watching their videos like you'd support a singer by buying their album or going to see them at a concert? WEIRD.

Have you ever met someone famous/YouTube famous? Please tell me my reaction was normal!

Eleanor xx

Back To School - Fashion Haul

10 September 2013
I cannot tell you how long I have wanted to show you what I've been buying for Sixth Form and finally the time has arrived. These are things which I've been saving up for a couple of months to show in a haul and that is why you may notice some of the price tags are missing because I couldn't resist wearing the majority of them, but then there's no point me buying things and not getting my wear out of them!

When my Dad suggested I had a look in TK Maxx for a school bag I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical as TK Maxx is not somewhere I typically shop. Hesitantly I agreed to have a look and after hopelessly looking around the bag section for a good few minutes I saw it: the bag of my dreams. Okay it wasn't the school bag I had been initially looking for but I've been looking for an everyday bag for months and this was the perfect bag that I knew I had to have. 

The bag is a good size, black, has gold hardware and is structured which were all things I had been looking for in a bag and the only other place I had found anything similar was Zara, but there was no way I was going to pay their prices! It cost £24.99 and was worth every penny.

TK Maxx Bag £24.99 (rrp £49.99)
I must have looked at this hair cuff in H and M at least 10 times before I eventually bought it when I was shopping in Cardiff on my birthday. I'd seen it in hauls millions of times and was always so close to buying one for myself but for some bizarre reason I could never part with my cash, but for £2.99 I can wholeheartedly say it was worth it and I wish I'd bought it sooner!

H and M Gold Hair Cuff £2.99
We all know I have a cami obsession so when I saw this beauty in River Island the least I could do was take it home with me. I'm not what material this top is made out of but it has the slinky appearance of silk. I think this top adds elegance to any look and unlike my New Look cami's it has adjustable straps which means no awkward moments where your top falls down and your assets are exposed, which is always a bonus!

River Island Black Cami £10
Now you may recognize these jeans as they are incredibly similar to the American Apparel Easy Jean and the Topshop Joni Jeans but WAY cheaper. I've never bought jeans from primark before but these fit really well and haven't faded yet. I love the super high waisted fit of them and they are such a bargain when compared to the American Apparel and Topshop version!

Primark Jeans £10
Before I went shopping I only had two pairs of jeans, which in my opinion is definitely not enough when I wanted jeans to be the basis of my casual Sixth Form wardrobe, so when I found these jeans in the sale section of Dorothy Perkins I though it'd be worth trying them on because they were a nice colour and a good price. These jeans fit me perfectly and were exactly what I was looking for, so I'd really recommend looking in the sale in any shop for jeans as I often find some gems in sale.

Dorothy Perkins Jeans £15
When in Primark I decided to stock up on a few basic clothes for school and that included t-shirts and in Primark they sell loads of cheap boyfriends tees for £2.50. I wanted to get a black and a white but unfortunately they didn't have any white t-shirts so I could only get black but it's alright as I can just get more another time as it's the kind of thing they sell all year round.

Primark T-Shirt £2.50
The last thing I bought was this cream quilted t-shirt which was only a bit more expensive at £6. I love the quilting detail and the slightly thicker material for the colder months and personally I think that this t-shirt would easily be found in Zara or River Island. The only thing I'm not sure I'm keen on is the chain across the pocket so I might cut it off.

Primark Quilted T-shirt £6
I feel a bit late with everything this month as everyone (including myself) has gone back to school now but then again this could be considered as just a regular haul, but none the less I hope you enjoyed it! If you've just gone back let me know down below how your first day back went!

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - A Spot Of Gardening

8 September 2013
Today I have painted leaves on my nails and yes those leaves look strikingly similar to marijuana leaves. I am endorsing drugs? Of course not silly, it's just a pattern of some leaves! Are we clear on everything? Yes, now let's get on with what really matters, the nail art.

My nail art this week is inspired by those Huf socks that everyone in fashion blogs and on Tumblr seem to own. The truth is I don't really like the socks for the pattern but more for the colours that they come in as the clashing colours are what make them stand out, and if you are going to pay over £10 for a pair of socks of course you want them to stand out. So for this nail art I picked two contrasting colours green and orange but to avoid them looking like a carrot I used a Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Papaya a lovely bright peachy orange.

I hope this Sunday Nails wasn't too 'controversial' for you all but the colours are so bright they are helping me grasp onto what's left of the summer. And however much I will miss the pretty colours of Summer I am looking forward to buying burgundy and more black clothing and also layering (one of my favourite past times). What are you looking for to about Autumn and Winter?

Eleanor xx

August Rate Or Hate

4 September 2013
First off let's pretend that this post is not three or four days late (I won't tell anyone if you don't) okay? Few, now that's out of the way we can get onto what I've been rating and hating this month and may I add that this month's post is very lippy. Not lippy as in I will be talking like a gobby brat who needs an attitude adjustment but I will talking a lot about a couple of luscious (and not so luscious) lip products. 

This months Rate and Hate -

Topshop Lip Paint and Maybelline Baby Lips

Rate -
I think it's fair to say that I was not the only person who was extremely excited about the launch of the Maybelline Baby Lips at the beginning of the month so the first chance I had I was straight into Boots to buy some of them. When I was in Boots they were on 3 for 2 so I did contemplate getting all of them but I resisted in case I didn't like them but I really wish I'd bought them all as I love them. Luckily I received another one for my birthday so now I only have two more to get them all, the colours I have are Mint Fresh, Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss.

My favourite lip balm used to be Carmex but these have replaced that as my favourite lip balm. The coloured lip balms leave a sheer wash over colour over the lips and the clear lip balms contain SPF 20 to protect your lips from the sun and they all leave my lips moisturized to perfection. They claim to leave your lips moisturized for 8 hours which I can't quite agree with but they are still pretty good.

Hate - 
I love Topshop for their clothes but I've never really used their makeup. I own one lipstick from the Topshop makeup range and nothing else has ever caught my eye but when I saw this bright orange Lip Paint in the sale for £1 I thought it was worth a try.

I expected the Lip Paint to be like the Sleek Pout Paints or the Hourglass Liquid Lipsticks but I really got it wrong. The Topshop Lip Paint applies unevenly and sits in the wrinkles in lips, it also isn't that pigmented and doesn't stain your lips which I personally was looking for. The colour of the product when it's in the tube is an amazing bright orange but when just looks like I've got tomato soup all over my mouth, it's fair to say I'm a bit disappointed so I'm glad I only spent £1 for it.

Tomorrow is my first official day of Sixth Form and I know my Baby Lips will be coming with me in my bag and I will not be wearing the Lip Paint in my school photo's! Good luck everyone else who is going back to school and let me know in the comments how you first day goes!

Eleanor xx 

Holla Holographic

1 September 2013
If you read my last post which was "What I Got For My Birthday" then you'll have seen the holographic nail polish that I got off my friend Maddie, but being the idiot I am at first I didn't even realise that this polish was holographic despite it even saying on the bottle. But the other night when I was chilling just watching TV, something shimmery caught my eye, I looked over and I could see this rainbow shiver running through what I thought was just a silver nail polish, it was then I realized that this was no ordinary nail polish.

Instantly I painted my nails with it and was mesmerized by the rainbow shimmer shimmer when the light hits my nails, unfortunately this didn't photograph that well but if you happen to be in boots go have a look a this nail polish because it's so pretty!

On another note I'm very tempted not to post a August Rate Or Hate this month is that bad? I've just bought so many nice things that I want to do a haul but all in good time.

Eleanor xx