Sunday Nail - Tartan Disasters

18 August 2013
Who knew tartan would be so difficult? Seriously this took me hours and it ended looking a mess anyway but it just goes to show that my nail art isn't always as perfect as it seems. Nail art takes a lot of practice and even when you think you're getting somewhere, not everything looks as great as you imagined it. 

Occasionally my nail art is such a fail that I don't even show you it, I panic like it's the end of the world then quickly do a different design (so that no-one will ever know about my disaster) then post that. But maybe I should admit my failures and show some of my 'dodgy' nail art? 

Hopefully when I get my GCSE results on Thursday I won't find that this nail art isn't the only thing I've failed at! Good luck to anyone else getting results on Thursday and I hope all of you who got your A/AS Level results got what you wanted, if not it's not the end of the world now is it?

Eleanor xx
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