Primark A/W Collection - My Favourites

14 August 2013
Occasionally I like to go onto the Primark website and look at the 'Products' section. In this section they often have pictures of their new season collection giving me an idea of what they are stocking in stores, as even though they are starting to sell their clothes through Asos it is only a small selection, so apart from this the only way I have of knowing what is in stores is by watching Primark hauls on YouTube.

The truth is that I was pleasantly shocked and impressed by this year's autumn/winter collection as the clothes look not only on trend but my style as I love wearing neutral colours but experimenting with different textures and patterns. That is why I have decided to share with you my favourite outfits from the collection!

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Image 1 - Coat £32, jumper £10, trousers £12 
Image 2 - Coat £28, shirt £12, trousers £12, bag £10, trainers £12

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Image 3 - Dress £13, boots £20, tights £3.50
Image 4 - Coat £35, skirt £10, top £10, shoes £14, tights £3.50, necklace £8

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Image 5 - Skirt £10, top £6, sweatshirt £8, boots £15, bag £8, tights £3.50
Image 6 - Jumper £14, skirt £14, shoes £16

One last thing I did notice about this collection was that prices are definitely higher than the usual low prices I'm used to paying in primark but I think that the pieces in the collection are nicer than in the past and if they were being sold in Topshop we'd be questioning why they were not double the price, I just hope that they are good quality and I'm not disappointed when I go to buy them in store!

If you want to see more pictures of the collection there are hundreds on Look Magazines' website here.

This post is a little different to my normal posts so if you liked it tell me and I might consider doing more of these in the future! Also I'd just like to add that this is not a sponsored post I just thought it would be nice to share my thoughts on the collection!

Also I'd just like to mention that I've just noticed that I've reached over 700 followers on Bloglovin and GFC combined so I just wanted to say thank you so much as it really means the world to me and I promise I'm not just saying that! 

Eleanor xx 
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