My Birthday Wishlist

7 August 2013
Ah August, my favourite month of the year as it is not only famous for it's British beautiful summer weather but my birthday! But even though it's my birthday in 20 days and this post is titled 'My Birthday Wishlist' this post is basically the same as my other monthly wishlists (I am not asking people to buy me these things, they are just things that I am planning to buy myself) but if anyone did fancy buying me these of course I wouldn't refuse that would be rude...

SUPRA Womens Skytop Trainers £54.99
The sad but true fact is, I have no shoes. Okay that was a lie but I only have a couple of pairs which is definitely not enough (a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes) so to solve this problem I've been looking for a nice pair of black high top trainers. I had considered getting a pair of Nike Blazers but I can only find them in a suede finish, which knowing me I will wreck, but I have finally decided on these little beauties and what's even better is that they are on sale on Footasylum for £54.99 instead of £74.99.

Models Own Nail Art Pen Box Set £20
I don't think I really need to explain this one as you all know about my obsession with nail art. I already own 2 Models Own nail art pens in black and white but I want to venture out and get some new colours as I always end up using a tooth pick for colourful designs because I simply do not own enough colours. By buying the box set you save £10 as individually each nail art pen is £6 making this a great deal.

The WAH Nails Book of Downtown Girls £11.99
I bought the first WAH Nails Book as a present for one of my friend's birthday but before wrapping it up I did have a cheeky flick through (I had to make sure it was good okay?) and truth be told I nearly keep it for myself! The second book by WAH nails' founder Sharmadean Reid not only includes tutorials on WAH's famous nail designs but beauty and hair tips from industry professionals and advice on starting your own blog! The book is to be published on the first of September, a couple of days after my birthday, belated birthday gift anyone?

Cream Topshop Cami £18
How many cami tops do you have then Ellie? Ummm maybe 4 or 5 but one more can't hurt can it? Look it's cream, soft, has a lovely neck line and it's from Topshop, I am destined to own this beauty. Plus it's really floaty so I can swish around in it to my hearts content, oh alright I do love swishing!

Jay Z Magna Carta Holy Grail £8.99

When someone looks at me they probably don't expect me to be a Jay Z fan. I don't often swear and I'm not very gangster but Jay Z is one of the smartest musicians around. There is something about his music that just works, I can't explain it but whatever it is he's got it! I've left the link to ITunes as even though I prefer CD's to downloads I doubt it's the kind of music you'd listen to in the car with your mother if you get what I mean!

Real Techniques Blush Brush £9.99
Real Techniques is by far my favourite brush brand as all of their brushes are extremely soft, synthetic and reasonably priced. I've put that I want the blush brush but the truth is I want all of their brushes! The one's I want the most are the blush brush, powder brush and expert face brush so I'll probably pick them up next time boots are doing 3 for 2.

I hope you liked my wishlist and that you all had a lovely week while I was away, it was a lovely suprise when I got home to read all of your comments on my posts! Anyway I'm now going to go get in my unicorn onesie and watch a film...

Eleanor xx
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