Back To School - Stationary Haul

21 August 2013
With lots of people already going back to school I thought it was about time I started my back to school series. In this series of posts I'm planning on doing this stationary haul, a fashion and beauty haul, what's in my school bag and then I'll finish with a week in school outfits, hopefully it'll be interesting to you whether you're going back to school or not! Onto the haul! 

Isn't stationary beautiful? Stationary really feeds my need to be organised and neat, it's also bright, colourful and pretty but if stationary ain't your thang I'd probably exit this post right now because I will probably say the word stationary over 50 times and I'll be getting overexcited about coloured pens and hole punches.

But even though stationary is very pretty it can actually be very expensive and however much I'd like to spend £10 on a pad of paper from Paperchase because it has a pretty pattern on the front I can't afford that so I've just bought all of my things from Tesco and Asda who both have large back to school ranges for very low prices, plus I still think I managed to get some cute girly things to satisfy my needs!

First thing I got were these folders or ring binders (whatever you like to call them!) I got 4 large ones (one for each subject) and one small folder. I'm planning on taking the small one to sixth form everyday and putting all my notes in it and then at the end of the week I'll transfer each subjects notes into the larger folders, because there is no way I could bring all four big folders in my bag everyday, they would be way to heavy and big!

I got all five from Tesco sadly they didn't have many nice patterns so I ended up with two plain coloured folders and three patterned ones, I think they ranged from around £1 - £4 or £5 the Zebra print one being the most expensive.

I then got some plastic wallets, dividers, a 360 page refill pad, reinforcement hole thingys, sticky notes, rubbers (or erasers if your american), a stapler, a hole punch, highlighters, maths set, tipp-ex, fineliners, rainbow pens, black pens and pencils and they were all under a fiver each. The only thing I couldn't get was a pencil case but that was just because I was too picky and couldn't find one I liked and anything else I didn't get like a scientific calculator I didn't get because I already have it.

Sorry I couldn't be more precise about prices but I've lost the receipt *slaps herself on the wrist*, but it was all reasonably priced and quite cheap because there were lots of offers on. So how are you getting ready to go back to school/college/uni/work?

Eleanor xx
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