Sunday Nails - Super Mario

14 July 2013
Woah has it been hot or what this week? I think yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far in UK and us Brits definitely aren't used to this heat. If someone who lived in Africa came over to England right now they'd probably need a winter coat but I am whacking out my summer dresses, camisole tops, denim shorts and jelly sandals and enjoying the weather while it lasts. 

That being said, one thing I hate about the heat is what it does to my nail varnishes. Every time I try to paint my nails outside in the summer my polishes turn thick and gloopy like that slimy neon putty that I'd play with when I was a kid. Ew. Nasty. So for the majority of my nail art this week I used acrylic paint.

I love using acrylic paint for nail art as I own nearly every colour of acrylic paint you could imagine, from doing GCSE Art. You can be more precise by using a small paint brush, which n be easily washed with water, but when the paint is on your nails it doesn't wash off, magic!

What isn't magic though is me playing Super Mario Brothers as I am well and truly awful. But I still like to have a go because I like being the mushroom and that level where you ride on the dinosaurs. Now that I have some spare time I might rekindle my love for Mario and try to complete the game. That's not sad at all, is it?

Eleanor xx
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