Sunday Nails - A Royal Baby Is Born

28 July 2013
On Tuesday I found myself, like many others all over the world, glued to my TV screen waiting for a first glimpse of a baby that will one day be our king. I wouldn't call myself a royalist but I love what the royal family brings to our country and the fairy tale that is Kate and Will's life, so when I heard on Monday that she'd given birth to a baby boy I was very excited.  

An image of nail art inspired by the birth of the royal baby

When the doors of the Lindo Wing swung open after hours of waiting and emerged William, Kate and their new born baby Prince George, I couldn't help but find myself smile. They looked so happy and proud as this tiny baby's hand reached out of the blanket to say hello to the world's media; it was seriously the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. 

Everything from when they answered the media's questions to when the proud father drove home his family, was perfect, so the least I could do was celebrate the occasion with some royal baby themed nail art, right?

A close up image of nail art inspired by the birth of the royal baby

Apart from the royal baby I am also happy because tomorrow I'm going on holiday to Portugal! I've still got to pack which I always find stressful (damn you 20kg weight limit!) but I've scheduled a few posts for you while I'm gone so I don't need to be worrying about blogging when I'm chilling round the pool. 

I hope you have a wonderful week and I'll speak to you all when I get back in a weeks time!

Eleanor xx
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