Sunday Nails - PAC-MAN

21 July 2013
Sometimes I feel like Pac-Man, eating everything possible in sight. But unlike Pac-Man I do not eat lots because it is my purpose in life or I'll win if I eat everything in my house, but merely because I am bored out of my mind. 

When I'm at home on my own I will eat so much junk but when I'm out with my friends, I'm enjoying myself so much I forget to eat to when I do eat I'm not hungry. But then again when I'm at home I have two friends: Ben and Jerry, and oh boy! Do we have a great time together!

My other weakness is BN biscuits, you know those french biscuits that have cute little smiley faces on and are sandwiched together with chocolate? I'd always get them in France when I was a kid but my friend told me that they'd started to sell mini packs in Tesco. So what did I do? Go and buy 3 box's of them! Their teasing chocolate grins should be replaced with that of the devil the amount of calories in those biscuits but I still continue to binge anyway. I'll never learn...

Eleanor xx
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