July Wishlist

16 July 2013
We're almost halfway through July and I'm only just getting round to posting my July Wishlist, whoops! But these things take time and I wanted to make sure I was sharing with you the best things, that I really want to buy myself instead of the first thing I could find. So without further adieu here is this months wishlist...

Oh My Love Jumper £39.99
I told myself that I would stop going on about my obsession with Baz Luhrmann/ Romeo and Juliet/ Leonardo DiCaprio, but then I fell in love with this jumper and all sense of reason flew out the window. This jumper just sums up my non-existent love life whilst also expressing my love for Romeo and Juliet, it's also casual, comfy and I know I will be living in this jumper next year.

Zara Skort £25.99
I know that already own a white cross over skirt from Zara but this is a skort and it is completely different okay? Well that's what I keep telling myself... anyway this is more versatile and can be worn on an everyday basis as it's black and has built in shorts unlike the skirt. 

Motel Patent Backpack £55
I always used to hate backpacks. I had a brown and pink animal backpack when I first started secondary school and all I remember is this one time on a cold day, I leaned against a hot radiator to warm up but instead I got melted chewing gum all over my bag. Ew. Ever since I have been put off backpacks, even those cute floral ones, but I think this backpack from Motel Rocks might have changed my mind. It'll great next year in Sixth Form, I've just got to make sure I don't lean on any radiators. 

Rock N Rose Lilith Floral Crown £36
Floral crowns are not only a festival essential but a summer essential and I can't believe I don't have one yet! Rock N Rose do a large variety of floral crowns in loads of different colours, but I love how big the yellow flowers are on this one. Though £36 is a lot of money so if your looking for something a bit cheaper check out Dolly Bow Bow who are doing similar crowns for around £15.  

Asos Round Sunglasses £12
I saw these sunglasses on Lily from LLYMLRS and fell in love. This summer I've been obsessed with round 60's style sunglasses and I already have a plain black pair from Primark which were a pound, but I love the metal detailing and they are very different to others I've seen

Maybelline Baby Lips £2.99
Finally Maybelline have decided to launch their famous Baby Lips balms in the UK, after months of american beauty bloggers raving about them. I heard that they are being launched next month but to make sure you get your hands on them first you can sign up to receive an email from Boots telling you when they are in stock, which is a great idea as I have a feeling these babies are gonna sell out quick!

I hoped you liked this months wishlist and while scrolling down the page you may have also noticed my new social media buttons on the side of the page (link on my F.A.Q page to a blog post that explains how to do it) so if you would like to follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin, Instagram or Tumblr feel free. But I only got Tumblr yesterday and I'm still trying to get to grips with it so please bare with me, but if any of you are Tumblr Queens I'd love it if you'd leave me some tips down below...

Eleanor xx
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