July Rate Or Hate

31 July 2013
*Note - This is an automated post as I am on holiday (WHOOP!) but don't worry I'll be back on Monday 5th August to answer all of your questions and comments.

July has very much been a month of birthday's for me not only has it been my mum's birthday but it has also been four of my friend's birthday's and next month is going to be the same as next month, it's my birthday! Yes, in 28 days I will finally be turning 16 meaning I can finally get a job, buy a lottery ticket, learn to drive a moped and get married with parental consent along with a few other things *wink*wink*, and so the countdown begins.

This months rate and hate -

Sanex Extra Control 48H Deodorant and Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge
Rate -
This sponge is the coolest sponge I have ever used, seriously. I thought that this beauty blender dupe would be like the other cheap sponges I've used in the past that made my makeup look cakey and the sponge started to fall apart within a week, but this is a dream to use. 

Like the original beauty blender when you run the sponge under water it doubles in size and becomes bouncy and squishy. This means that it blends foundation with ease and the pointed tip allows you to be more precise around your eyes are nose. It does sheer out the foundation a bit though so I like to use a slightly heavier coverage foundation with it. 

I find the sponge leaves my skin looking flawless as it fills in my large pores and acne scars but also natural and glowing, and for under £5 it's cheaper than a lot of good makeup brushes.

Hate -
This is by far the worst deodorant I have ever used. I know not many bloggers talk about the everyday essential that is deodorant but I couldn't not mention how disappointed I was with this product.

The Sanex demo extra control micro talc antiperspirant is so powdery because of the 'micro' talc that you have to use the smallest amount (and risk not wearing enough and getting sweaty) just so that you are not left with what looks like a snow blizzard under your arm pit, which is not a good look. Then because of this when you go and put on your top you are left with powdery white marks all over year clean t-shirt. The first time I used this I put on a black top and what a mistake that turned out to be.

It claims that it provides:
  • Effective Protection for 48H
  • Works against odour causing bacteria
  • Respects the skin's bacterial flora
It may very well do these things (I haven't worn it long enough to know) but to me, it doesn't matter if it makes me smell like heaven on earth, I'm not going to wear a deodorant if it leaves me with white marks, so I'll be sticking to my usual antiperspirant in the future.

I hope you've all had a great July and my hate wasn't to negative, but on a lighter note let me know if you have any plans for August, maybe a couple of birthdays?

Eleanor xx
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