Sunday Nails - Look At The Mess You've Made

2 June 2013
It's June. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and i'm stuck inside revising, Yay. Least I have the satisfaction of knowing it will all be over in 15 days but in the mean time I need to get my head down and stop procrastinating. 

I will use anything to avoid revising, even things that I normally hate doing. Even cleaning seems pleasurable compared to revising. So while taking one of my hard earned 10 minute 1 hour breaks from revising I decided to experiment with my nails. 

I love the look of splatted paint of a pristine coat of white nail polish but never did I imagine how messy it would get. To create the splattered paint you need to dip a straw in some nail polish and then blow through the straw over your nails, splattering nail varnish all over them and annoyingly, everything around it. Luckily I had put some newspaper on my white desk minimizing some of the damage but it still left my hands and fingers covered in nail varnish.

But overall it was worth it as the effect you get is crazy! 

Anyway if you are reading this as a form of procrastination, GET BACK TO WORK! If not I'd love it if you left a comment down below.

Eleanor xx

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