Sunday Nail - Life Is A Roller Coaster

30 June 2013
I am sat writing this in my bed resting my sore and blistered feet after a long, hard day of having fun. It is surprising how painful a good time can be. 

I found this out on Friday night when I refused to take off my shoes after 5 and a half hours of walking, dancing and posing, when I finally did my feet had been molded into the exact shape of my stiletto's and the thought of slipping my feet into anything but slippers, was just as painful as the past 5 and a half hours had been. 

Still I did not learn my lesson as now sleep deprived, sore and sun burnt I am going to try and convince you that I have done the best nail art you've ever seen (please prepare yourselves to be disappointed).

It looks slightly better in person as the contrast between the blue and the green is more prominent and the roller coaster carries onto my other hand. 

I can explain though: As always, my plan to use gold nail wraps for prom had failed and I ended up painting my nails with Barry M Lychee, no nail art or anything fancy. So as good old Ronan Keating says "Life is a roller coaster you just gotta' ride it", and I attempted something a lot more complicated to show you, dedicating it to my trip to Thorpe Park. 

Anyway who cares if you're not always perfect? Who is? Beyonce

Eleanor xx
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