Sunday Nails- Sunsets and Silhouettes

5 May 2013
Finally the sun has decided to his face and it is starting to feel like summer, yay! The thing I love most about summer is sitting out in the garden with some candles and watching the sunset. Seeing the soft purple hues dancing among the fiery reds signify the end of a perfect summers day for me, sorry this is getting a bit too much like 'Poetry Live', anyway, sunsets are therefore the main inspiration for my nails this week.

All I used to create this look was 5 different 'sunset' colours and blended them with a sponge to create a simple ombre effect,then a nail art pen and a steady hand to create the silhouettes.

You may notice I have only put a picture of one hand (my left hand) and that is because my right hand went a bit dodgy, but I'm sure you will be smarter than me and get a unsuspecting willing friend to do your other hand!

As it's now summer, I'm starting to try come up with a 'cool things to do after my exams list', so I'd love to know what your planning to do this summer for some inspiration, but also just because I'm nosy! 

Eleanor xx
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