Sunday Nails - The Great Gatsby

26 May 2013
Finally it's the holidays and I NEVER have to go into school EVER again! Well I say 'EVER', what I really mean is 'EVER' excluding when I have to go in for exams and revision sessions,  oh and for prom... but anyway you get the drift, I am technically no longer in school.

Apart from revision, I will have lots of free time for blogging and spending time with my friends, and hopefully this will mean that I will have time to go see The Great Gatsby.

If you are a frequent reader of my blog you will know about my obsession with all things Great Gatsby: the fashion, the makeup, the soundtrack and Leonardo Di Caprio. So it was only right that I express this obsession in the form of nail art. 

This nail art is inspired by the black and gold pattern that covers all of the movie posters and personally I think it screams elegance and luxury.

I know lots of people have got a lot exams left, so good luck! I've got three exams left: Business, English Language and Maths, not to bad as I've already got the worst over with. If you're lucky that you don't have to do exams I hope you have a nice bank holiday Monday and if you're doing anything special I'd love to know!

Eleanor xx
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