Sunday Nails - Easy As A Daisy

19 May 2013
Every week lots of you guys comment on my Sunday Nails posts saying things like "Wow! How do you do that? I could never do nail art blah blah blah..." you get the gist. So if that is you, NOW IS YOUR TIME! 

This week I wanted to show you that nail art doesn't always have to be scary, difficult and you defiantly don't need to have a PHD in nail art(?) for you nails to look good, as sometimes simple designs can look as effective as those that take hours.

First I painted my nails blue with the Barry M nail polish that I mentioned in my last post, and then once my nails were dry I used a cocktail stick and a white nail varnish to create some cute little daisies, the daisies don't need to be perfect as daisies aren't all exactly the same, and then use the other end of the cocktail stick to put a dot of yellow nail varnish in the middle of each daisy.

I hope this has given some of you more confidence in yourself to try nail art and this is the perfect summer starter. Oh and trust me this won't take you like 4 hours! 

Eleanor xx
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