May Wishlist

7 May 2013
Happy May! Well not so happy for me as it means the beginning of my exams, but I'm trying to look on the bright side as it also means I'm getting closer to Prom, summer and hot holidays!

This dress is so me, when I saw it in Topshop the other day on the manikin my mother had to practically hold me back. It's so pretty and summery and I know that I will own it, when it's back in stock on the website that is *mutters under her breath*. Anyway I love the pop of colours on the monochrome background and the cutouts make the shape a little more interesting. Even though it is £42, which is a lot for a dress in my book, it is beautiful. Oh well there's always student discount eh?

River Island has always been a bit hit or miss, I feel like their designs go through stages of chavvy, girly, tacky and edgy, but this season I think 80% of their designs are great, not to mention their collaboration with Rihanna. When I saw this vest online I thought it was beautiful. Yes, it does have the risk of being slutty if not styled correctly but I think I could do it justice.

I've heard about hair chalk quite a bit but not until now have I seen it available on the high street. You basically just colour in your hair with the piece of chalk and then it washes out when you wash your hair, perfect for festivals or just to see if you like dip dye hair before you commit to dying it. It comes in a variety of colours and for less than a fiver I think it's a bargain.

I love dungarees, they look somewhat childish but because they are long you won't look like you've stumbled out of a ball pit in Wacky Warehouse. This picture doesn't do them justice but on the model they look amazing and paired with a crop top they are perfect summer alternative to jeans. The great thing is they are only £25, which is a lot cheaper than they look because of the extra detail in the form of rips.

I cannot tell you how long I have wanted a pair of plain white platform trainers ever since I was in town and saw a girl wearing some with a pair of rolled up jeans. They looked stunning and I had to find myself a pair. Also I know Superga's are getting a bit common but these are different to any other Superga's I've seen, so I've convinced myself they're acceptable!

I think my obsession with shopping is getting progressively worse, with no thanks to Wantworthy! But it's a new season, I need new clothes, especially since next year I will be wearing my own clothes everyday at Sixth Form. It's not an obsession, it's necessary. Well, that's what I keep telling myself anyway!

Maybe I should go on a spending ban? If you've ever been on one, what was it like? 

Eleanor xx
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