May Rate Or Hate

29 May 2013
I have to admit that this month I did struggle to come up with two products for this post, especially a product that I didn't like. I think this is because I am becoming less willing to try new products as I get closer and closer to prom, as with my incredibly temperamental skin trying new products is very risky as they often break me out and nobody wants a face full of acne on their prom day.

But I managed so here are this months rate and hate -

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and Original Source Shower Gels
Rate - 
Shower gels are not often talked about in the beauty world but I could no longer contain my love for the Original Source showers gels. These smell AMAZING! I mean like heaven in a bottle! Most shower gels have the same old boring scent of musty, soapy old ladies, but the Original Source showers gels are fresh and exhilarating. When you open the bottle you get a strong blast of limes, mint or whatever it says on the bottle (yes, they actually smells like what it says on the bottle!) and the scent lingers on you throughout the day.

I cannot explain how awake and fresh I feel after using this shower gel especially in the morning, and the best thing is they're not expensive. At the moment I am using the Pure Lime scent but I would recommend the whole range as they are all equally great, also at the moment they're half price in Boots, instead of £2.30 they are £1.15 for 250ml, so next time I'm in Boots I will definitely be picking up more of them!

Hate - 
Okay I've kind of cheated here as this isn't really a hate, it's more of a meh. I bought the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder when I ran out of my usual powder and after hearing all the hype surrounding it I just presumed it would be great. Let's just say it's not great but then it's not awful either.  A few good things about it are that it's cheap, not orange and I would happily say that it makes my makeup last a bit longer, but it sits in my large pores horrendously, makes my makeup look dry and cakey and I'm constantly having to re-apply 

My shiny skin is a bit like an annoying dirty pigeon, attacking you when you least expect it, and this powder is the equivalent to me throwing a McDonald's chip at the pigeon. The pigeon is initially satisfied, but then it keeps coming back for more, becoming increasingly annoying and aggressive. I throw more and more chips at the pigeon until I run out of chips but in the end I'm left hungry and the pigeon is still annoying me. 

Not the best metaphor but you get the drift. 

I'm sure the Rimmel Stay Matte powder isn't like this for everyone it's probably just my skin type, but if you have any recommendations or advice I'd love to know. But on another note I'd just like to say a HUMONGOUS THANK YOU as the other day my blog reached over 10,000 PAGE VIEWS, LIKE OMG! I still cannot believe it and I just want to say an extra thank you to the people who read every post as without you I'd have probably given up by now! 

Thank you.

Also do you like my new 'about me' photo? Technically it's an old photo as its when I had a fringe but I couldn't stand the last one any longer!

Eleanor xx
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