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Urban Decay Primer Potion - Is It Worth The Hype?

31 May 2013
If you, like myself, spends hours and hours reading and worshiping beauty blogs I'm 99% that you have heard of the Urban Decay Primer Potion; lets face it, you'd of had to have been living under a rock for you not to have heard about Urban Decay's best selling product! Anyway a couple of weeks ago I headed down to my local Urban Decay counter to see what all of the hype is about.

While browsing at all of the Urban Decay Products neatly lined up in their whimsical packaging, the lovely shop assistant, who was doing somebody's makeup at the time, showed me exactly why this simple eyeshaddow primer is their best selling product and instantly sold, I bought it with no hesitation in the slightest. Oh boy, I am so glad I did!

Urban Decay Primer Potion £15

What it says - Our #1 product because it works: apply our weightless Invisible Eyeshadow Primer Potion before your shadow for vibrant color, and absolutely NO creasing! The new squeeze tube features a precise needle-nose tip and 10% MORE potion.

The truth is that I cannot argue with that. 

'precise needle-nose tip' makes application easy and mess-free. 

I have incredibly oily eyelids and eye shadows just crease, slide and fade, but the Urban Decay Primer Potion stops that. Not only does it prevent creasing but it makes my eyeshadows look incredibly vibrant and pigmented as you can see from the photos below.

Above - Eyeshadow WITHOUT Primer Potion, Below - Eyeshadow WITH Primer Potion

I don't think I ever had any doubts that this product wouldn't work but until I bought it I didn't realise how much it would change my makeup.

So is it worth the hype? Yes!

Will I repurchase it? I don't think I could live without it now, so definitely yes!

I'd love to know if you've tried this product and if you love it as much as I do! But I'd also love to know if you liked this kind of review? Also should I do more?

Eleanor xx

May Rate Or Hate

29 May 2013
I have to admit that this month I did struggle to come up with two products for this post, especially a product that I didn't like. I think this is because I am becoming less willing to try new products as I get closer and closer to prom, as with my incredibly temperamental skin trying new products is very risky as they often break me out and nobody wants a face full of acne on their prom day.

But I managed so here are this months rate and hate -

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and Original Source Shower Gels
Rate - 
Shower gels are not often talked about in the beauty world but I could no longer contain my love for the Original Source showers gels. These smell AMAZING! I mean like heaven in a bottle! Most shower gels have the same old boring scent of musty, soapy old ladies, but the Original Source showers gels are fresh and exhilarating. When you open the bottle you get a strong blast of limes, mint or whatever it says on the bottle (yes, they actually smells like what it says on the bottle!) and the scent lingers on you throughout the day.

I cannot explain how awake and fresh I feel after using this shower gel especially in the morning, and the best thing is they're not expensive. At the moment I am using the Pure Lime scent but I would recommend the whole range as they are all equally great, also at the moment they're half price in Boots, instead of £2.30 they are £1.15 for 250ml, so next time I'm in Boots I will definitely be picking up more of them!

Hate - 
Okay I've kind of cheated here as this isn't really a hate, it's more of a meh. I bought the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder when I ran out of my usual powder and after hearing all the hype surrounding it I just presumed it would be great. Let's just say it's not great but then it's not awful either.  A few good things about it are that it's cheap, not orange and I would happily say that it makes my makeup last a bit longer, but it sits in my large pores horrendously, makes my makeup look dry and cakey and I'm constantly having to re-apply 

My shiny skin is a bit like an annoying dirty pigeon, attacking you when you least expect it, and this powder is the equivalent to me throwing a McDonald's chip at the pigeon. The pigeon is initially satisfied, but then it keeps coming back for more, becoming increasingly annoying and aggressive. I throw more and more chips at the pigeon until I run out of chips but in the end I'm left hungry and the pigeon is still annoying me. 

Not the best metaphor but you get the drift. 

I'm sure the Rimmel Stay Matte powder isn't like this for everyone it's probably just my skin type, but if you have any recommendations or advice I'd love to know. But on another note I'd just like to say a HUMONGOUS THANK YOU as the other day my blog reached over 10,000 PAGE VIEWS, LIKE OMG! I still cannot believe it and I just want to say an extra thank you to the people who read every post as without you I'd have probably given up by now! 

Thank you.

Also do you like my new 'about me' photo? Technically it's an old photo as its when I had a fringe but I couldn't stand the last one any longer!

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - The Great Gatsby

26 May 2013
Finally it's the holidays and I NEVER have to go into school EVER again! Well I say 'EVER', what I really mean is 'EVER' excluding when I have to go in for exams and revision sessions,  oh and for prom... but anyway you get the drift, I am technically no longer in school.

Apart from revision, I will have lots of free time for blogging and spending time with my friends, and hopefully this will mean that I will have time to go see The Great Gatsby.

If you are a frequent reader of my blog you will know about my obsession with all things Great Gatsby: the fashion, the makeup, the soundtrack and Leonardo Di Caprio. So it was only right that I express this obsession in the form of nail art. 

This nail art is inspired by the black and gold pattern that covers all of the movie posters and personally I think it screams elegance and luxury.

I know lots of people have got a lot exams left, so good luck! I've got three exams left: Business, English Language and Maths, not to bad as I've already got the worst over with. If you're lucky that you don't have to do exams I hope you have a nice bank holiday Monday and if you're doing anything special I'd love to know!

Eleanor xx

25 Facts About Me!

23 May 2013
I've seen a lot of 25 facts about me videos and posts recently but it was only when I was reading my friend Izzy's Get To Know Me post that I realized, not many of you know a lot about me. So today is the day when you will learn about the not so mysterious Eleanor behind The Lipstick, The Girl And Her Wardrobe. 

1. My name is spelt Eleanor even though its pronounced 'Elena'.

2. Even though I write my name as Eleanor, not many people call me Eleanor. Most of my friends call me Ellie or occasionally Elle, I also have one friend who calls me Elsa (don't ask).

3. My favourite film is The Devil Wears Prada, I love Miranda Priestly's (Meryl Streep) sharp tongue and how she completely owns Andy (Anne Hathaway) when she says that fashion isn't important.

4. I am obsessed with the Kardashians/Jenners/Odom etc... 

5. I've been scared of big dogs ever since I had a nightmare that one chased after me and bit off both of my arms. No joke.

6. My favourite TV program ever is Gossip Girl and one day hopefully I will find my own Chuck (good Chuck in the last couple of series not Chuck in the first few series as he was nasty back then).

7. The number 7 is my lucky number, I don't know why. I just like it.

8. I have never had a pet, my mum's allergic to cats and my dad doesn't like dogs and any other animal was always out of the question. 

9. I once fainted in a drama lesson at school and everyone thought I was acting...until I didn't get up...and I wasn't performing...

10. I cannot resist chocolate, it's my weakness. But I do love a good flump!

11. I have an obsession with painting my nails if you hadn't already guessed.

12. My family and my friends mean the world to me and I cannot even begin to explain how lucky and grateful I am to have them.

13. My Nanna makes the best coffee cake EVER!

14. Bare feet freak me out, especially men's feet because they're hairy and gross. This also explains my hatred of flip flops.

15. I am incredibly clumsy. Even if there is nothing there, I will trip, get caught on something or just fall flat on my face. I could tell you the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me but there have been so many it would be hard to choose.

16. I wear glasses.

17. Next year I will be at sixth form doing my A Levels. I will (hopefully) be taking Economics, Maths, Business A2 (I've already done the AS) and either Drama or Art. If you've done/doing drama or art at As/A Level please tell me if you enjoyed it/what the course is like as I love both subjects and cannot make up my mind.

18. I have a sister but she is also a best friend.

19. My dream bag is a Medium Black Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag in Caviar Leather with Gold hard ware, one day I will have the money to buy this bag. It is sad but true that this bag is my motivation for success.

20. Next year will be mine and my best friend Harriet's 10 year anniversary. I don't know whether best friends celebrate anniversaries but it's weird thinking how long we've put up with each other. The truth is I don't know what I would do without her but that goes for my other best friends as well!

21.I hate people watching me eat as it makes me feel uncomfortable, so the worst first date someone could ever take me on would be for a meal.

22. People often say I speak very quietly but if I have something to say,I will say it and make myself heard, very loudly.

23. When I was younger I used to collect spoons, yes spoons, from lots of different places and countries.

24. I was a bald baby and my parents were worried I'd never grow any hair. But when I did grow some hair it was very thin, so I had to get some layers to make it look thicker. Sadly my hair is still annoyingly thin.

25. When I was small the only flavor crisps I would try were prawn cocktail because the packet was pink, they soon became my favourite flavor and to this day they still are.

I hope you found my 25 facts interesting as it took me a long time to trying to think of 25 that were in the slightest interesting! Also sorry for the lack of photos! But if you've done this tag or a similar post please leave a link to it in the comments as I love these kind of posts!

Eleanor xx

Outfit Post - Layering Is The Key

21 May 2013
If you live in England or anywhere else in the UK you will know that summer here is anything but hot. 80% Of the time the weather is miserable and rainy and when the sun decides to show his face, it's not quite hot enough to wear summer clothes without feeling a chill from the breeze. 

Enter Layering.

Topshop Lipstick in OHH LA LA
Layering is something we are very used to doing in the British Winter, bundling coats on top of jumpers on top of shirts on top of tops on top of thermals and then finishing off with the fluffiest and longest scarf that you will ever lay your eyes upon. All while still managing not to look like the Michelin Man.

Striped Shirt Zara, Cream Sheer Shirt H and M, Top (Playsuit) H and M 
But no longer is laying restricted to winter months as it is now possible to layer your clothes in summer time. How? I hear you ask, and the answer is sheer layers. Like shirts, as when combined with different textures and fabrics they create a diverse and interesting look. 

Denim Skirt American Apparel  
In this outfit I layered a denim skirt on top of a playsuit I bought from H and M last year that is just a tad short now, and then a sheer cream shirt underneath a blue and white striped shirt, finishing the look off with some battered brown boots from Primark to toughen it up a bit.

Boots Primark
Because the layers are sheer I do not overheat yet they keep me warm if it begins to become a bit breezy, clever eh? So next time you are having a outfit crisis, try on all of your clothes together, not only is it fun but you could create an entirely different layered look that you'd have never thought of before! What have you got to lose?

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - Easy As A Daisy

19 May 2013
Every week lots of you guys comment on my Sunday Nails posts saying things like "Wow! How do you do that? I could never do nail art blah blah blah..." you get the gist. So if that is you, NOW IS YOUR TIME! 

This week I wanted to show you that nail art doesn't always have to be scary, difficult and you defiantly don't need to have a PHD in nail art(?) for you nails to look good, as sometimes simple designs can look as effective as those that take hours.

First I painted my nails blue with the Barry M nail polish that I mentioned in my last post, and then once my nails were dry I used a cocktail stick and a white nail varnish to create some cute little daisies, the daisies don't need to be perfect as daisies aren't all exactly the same, and then use the other end of the cocktail stick to put a dot of yellow nail varnish in the middle of each daisy.

I hope this has given some of you more confidence in yourself to try nail art and this is the perfect summer starter. Oh and trust me this won't take you like 4 hours! 

Eleanor xx

Small Beauty Haul

14 May 2013
Rain rain go away come again another day, actually let me rewind that, rain rain go away and never ever come back again. I feel and look like drowned sloth, all because I forgot my umbrella, serves me right as everyone knows that British weather is about as predictable as the future, so unless you are a fortune teller or a weather lady then you are practically screwed.

I thought that I'd cheer myself up (and hopefully you guys), by posting some pictures that I took at the weekend when I took advantage of the glorious weather, showing you some of the beauty items I have purchases recently.

Eyelure Individual Lashes, a Mac Lipstick, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder and two Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Varnishes.

Now I am sure you are very familiar with this product - the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in the shade 001. With summer steadily approaching us my skin has been getting shinier and shinier, so a good powder was becoming ever more essential in my daily routine. After hearing so many good things about this powder I had to give it a go and at £3.99 it's hardly going to break the bank. It claims to provide up to 5 hours of shine control with natural minerals and so far I think I would say that but it does sit in my large pores a little, but at least it hasn't broken me out!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder £3.99

For my last day of school on Friday I wanted to do my makeup extra nice as I knew I would be having my picture taken a lot throughout the day, so to make my eyelashes look more voluminous and long I decided that I would try some individual lashes. As you can see from the picture I used mainly short eyelashes. I found them easy to apply and they looked really natural so I think I might get another box of these for prom and also do a review on them.

Eyelure Black Individual Lashes £5.35

After sadly loosing my favourite Mac Lipstick Morange I knew it was about time that I treated myself to a new one and after doing a lot of research online I finally decided on Please Me.

Please Me is a beautiful medium toned pink in a Matte finish. It is has more blue undertones than brown undertones, which is something I was looking for. Yes, the matte finish can be slightly drying on my already dry lips but on top of a bit of Vaseline this lipstick looks amazing!

I have quite a few nail varnishes in the new 'Gelly Hi-Shine' formula from Barry M and I like it quite a lot. I've always loved Barry M's ability to produce such amazing quality nail varnishes for such a reasonable price so it is always the first stand I look at if I'm looking for a specific colour, so when I was looking for a new nude nail polish and saw they were on offer I couldn't resist buying Blueberry and well as Lychee .

I hope you liked what I bought but on another note who is excited about The Great Gatsby being released in the UK cinemas on Thursday. I am so excited I might have to go see it a couple of times, it's like the perfect film for me: romance, action, partying and a soundtrack produced by Jay Z featuring BEYONCE! But till then I will just have to satisfy my needs by listening to the heavenly sounds of Beyonce and Lana Del Rey on the sound track. Please tell me I'm not the only person excited?

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails - Aztec

12 May 2013
Aztec or tribal nails are one of those patterns that look incredibly simple but I always really struggle to pull them off, this is probably because of the preciseness that is needed to make them look successful, which I sadly do not possess. 

But per usual I thought I'd have a go and after a few unsuccessful attempts they finally turned out looking alright. I'd just like to add that they look better in real life than in the pictures!

You may have also noticed that I decided to be a good blogger this week and actually paint both hands, instead of being lazy and only doing one. It's about time too as people had started asking me why I had only done one hand!

I hope you've had as lovely a week as I have had, as on Friday it was my last (official) day of school. In the morning I had a lovely breakfast with my friends before making our way into school for celebration assemblies, signing shirts, photo's and cake. It was such a lovely day and one I will remember forever. 

Good luck if your exams are starting tomorrow like mine.

Eleanor xx

May Wishlist

7 May 2013
Happy May! Well not so happy for me as it means the beginning of my exams, but I'm trying to look on the bright side as it also means I'm getting closer to Prom, summer and hot holidays!

This dress is so me, when I saw it in Topshop the other day on the manikin my mother had to practically hold me back. It's so pretty and summery and I know that I will own it, when it's back in stock on the website that is *mutters under her breath*. Anyway I love the pop of colours on the monochrome background and the cutouts make the shape a little more interesting. Even though it is £42, which is a lot for a dress in my book, it is beautiful. Oh well there's always student discount eh?

River Island has always been a bit hit or miss, I feel like their designs go through stages of chavvy, girly, tacky and edgy, but this season I think 80% of their designs are great, not to mention their collaboration with Rihanna. When I saw this vest online I thought it was beautiful. Yes, it does have the risk of being slutty if not styled correctly but I think I could do it justice.

I've heard about hair chalk quite a bit but not until now have I seen it available on the high street. You basically just colour in your hair with the piece of chalk and then it washes out when you wash your hair, perfect for festivals or just to see if you like dip dye hair before you commit to dying it. It comes in a variety of colours and for less than a fiver I think it's a bargain.

I love dungarees, they look somewhat childish but because they are long you won't look like you've stumbled out of a ball pit in Wacky Warehouse. This picture doesn't do them justice but on the model they look amazing and paired with a crop top they are perfect summer alternative to jeans. The great thing is they are only £25, which is a lot cheaper than they look because of the extra detail in the form of rips.

I cannot tell you how long I have wanted a pair of plain white platform trainers ever since I was in town and saw a girl wearing some with a pair of rolled up jeans. They looked stunning and I had to find myself a pair. Also I know Superga's are getting a bit common but these are different to any other Superga's I've seen, so I've convinced myself they're acceptable!

I think my obsession with shopping is getting progressively worse, with no thanks to Wantworthy! But it's a new season, I need new clothes, especially since next year I will be wearing my own clothes everyday at Sixth Form. It's not an obsession, it's necessary. Well, that's what I keep telling myself anyway!

Maybe I should go on a spending ban? If you've ever been on one, what was it like? 

Eleanor xx

Sunday Nails- Sunsets and Silhouettes

5 May 2013
Finally the sun has decided to his face and it is starting to feel like summer, yay! The thing I love most about summer is sitting out in the garden with some candles and watching the sunset. Seeing the soft purple hues dancing among the fiery reds signify the end of a perfect summers day for me, sorry this is getting a bit too much like 'Poetry Live', anyway, sunsets are therefore the main inspiration for my nails this week.

All I used to create this look was 5 different 'sunset' colours and blended them with a sponge to create a simple ombre effect,then a nail art pen and a steady hand to create the silhouettes.

You may notice I have only put a picture of one hand (my left hand) and that is because my right hand went a bit dodgy, but I'm sure you will be smarter than me and get a unsuspecting willing friend to do your other hand!

As it's now summer, I'm starting to try come up with a 'cool things to do after my exams list', so I'd love to know what your planning to do this summer for some inspiration, but also just because I'm nosy! 

Eleanor xx