Sunday Nails - Already Dead

28 April 2013
Please ignore the hideously chipped state of my nails, I've had this black nail varnish on for a couple of days now and my nails are looking a bit worse for wear. 

Since I took this photo this morning my nails have chipped even more, so I'll probably take this off later, which I don't mind as I've got my art exam tomorrow and acrylic paint doesn't come off if I get it on my nails.

I love it when nail art forms a picture across your nails. 

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Apart from being snowed under with art preparation and general revision I had a lovely day yesterday, shopping during the day (which included a delicious piece of gateau in Patisserie Valerie YUM!) and going to round to my friend's house in the evening for her birthday. 

We all had a girly catch up over pizza and the film John Tucker Must Die, it's old but still a great film and I'd recommend you watch it if your into films like 10 Things I Hate About You and Clueless. If you've got any good, classic film recommendations leave them down below as I have a feeling after this week I will defiantly be in the mood to watch some rom-coms with a big bowl of sweeties and popcorn! 

Eleanor xx
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