Outfit Post - Double Denim

5 April 2013
You may or may not know but I love 90s fashion. Everyone in the 90s looked so cool whether it be Kate Moss and Johnny Depp's grungy glamour, preppy chic in the film Clueless or Will Smiths colour clashing tracksuits in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air; everyone in the 90s had their own style and rocked it.

I wish more people (including myself) would be adventurous with their clothes these days, instead of falling back into leggings, vans, a geek top and american apparel hoodie... okay, that was very stereotypical of me but a lot of people dress exactly the same and end up looking like clones.

So today I thought I'd be adventurous and try a bit of double denim, a trend has always scared me as it is so difficult to pull off. Hopefully I have done it justice but I'll let you be the judge of that. 

Jacket Topshop, Jeans Topshop and Shoes Converse
Top Topshop and Necklace H and M
Ring H and M, Watch Timex,  Bracelets Topshop

I hope you liked my outfit and my attempt to look normal in photos taken when it was very windy. Also prepare yourself as you will probably be seeing a lot more from this top and necklace in the future.

Also on another note, when I was in town the other day I popped into Republic to see if I could pick up some bargains as it is closing down.

Previously I have never liked Republic as I felt a lot of their clothes were copies of items that other high street shops were selling but they actually had some lovely things in there including some nice midi skirts I was tempted to pick up and amazing baseball/bomber jacket with leather sleeves. 

Sadly I didn't buy anything as they didn't have my size but lots of things were reduced by 20-50%, so if you need some new clothes I would suggest popping in there for a quick look around.

Eleanor xx
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