Sunday Nails - Magazine Nails Experiment

3 March 2013
Previously in the past I have attempted newspaper nails and it has always turned out quite well but I've always wondered if it would work the same with a magazine. Magazines have so many pretty patterns and fonts that I would love to translate onto my nails so today I had a go at it. 

First paint your nails with a base coat and then a base nail varnish colour, I used Barry M Matt White. 

When your nails are COMPLETELY DRY (No one likes smudged nails!) go through your old magazine and cute out little squares the size of your nails, out of cute patterns and fonts from your magazine. Cut enough for a square for each nail.

Then pour some vodka or rubbing alcohol into a little pot and dip your nail into it so that it is fully covered by the alcohol.

Then take the piece of magazine, press it face down on your nail and hold it for a minute.

Remove the magazine and paint your nail with a topcoat to finish it off and seal your design.

This is the finished result. Did it work? Ummm sort of, they look kind of vintage. Will I be doing magazine nails again? Maybe I'll stick to newspaper nails next time!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend! I had a lovely day in Cardiff yesterday watching One Direction, they were AMAZING! Harry waved and smiled at me (I nearly died of happiness) and me and my friend called Niall's name and he turned and smiled at us (Just thinking about it makes my heart pound!) 

Anyway enough of my fangirling, I'd love to know what you think of my nail 'experiment'.

Eleanor xx
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