Sunday Nails - Easter Edition

24 March 2013
I know that Easter Sunday is next Sunday but as people mentioned in my last post, if they'd have seen the post earlier they could have tried it themselves, so I did some Easter inspired nails a week earlier so that you could try it!

These nails are so cute! I just love the cute little chicks and bunnies and the pastel colours, and even if you don't celebrate Easter you can still do them as they are perfect for spring.

Sorry for the bad picture! Had to take it at night and use artificial lighting.

I will hopefully do a couple of posts between now and next Sunday because I am on holiday but I am still very busy with revision and seeing family. But just in case I forget, Happy Easter I hope you have a lovely day stuffing your face with chocolate (one of my favourite past times) or in church (something I will also be doing) and if you don't celebrate Easter I hope you have a lovely day and I'd love to know what you are doing!

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Eleanor xx
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