Sunday Nails - 50 Shades Of Pink

31 March 2013
HAPPY EASTER! And if you don't celebrate Easter, well.... HAPPY SUNDAY! I am sure by this point in the day you have eaten all of your Easter eggs and are now starting to feel a bit sick with all the chocolaty goodness (I know I am)! So I thought I'd show you my nails to help you take your mind off it.

This picture is a prime example of why I have to many nail varnishes, as I not only had enough different shades of pink to create this look, but at least 10 other shades of pink I could have chosen to use. Not quite 50 but more than enough to be slightly ashamed!

The ombre stripes were simple enough to do but waiting for each colour to dry was very time consuming so I suggest that you do this while sitting down watching TV. You could also use sellotape to create sharper and more precise lines but I was just plain lazy and couldn't be bothered!

Hope you are all having a lovely day and I'd love to see if you've painted your nails for Easter, so feel free to tweet me your pictures @_EleanorHughes_ or if you've done a blog post, as always, leave your link down below.

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Eleanor xx
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