March Rate or Hate

27 March 2013
Starting off a blog post is one of the most difficult things about blogging. I must re-write the beginning of each of my posts at least 2-4 times before I am satisfied, and it has come to the point with my monthly posts that I can no longer continue to write about the weather or how fast this year is flying by. 

So before I get onto the post I'd just like to remind you how interesting Star Fish are; Star Fish can have up to eight eye's, one on every leg. 

This months Rate or Hate -

Bare Minerals SPF 20 Concealer and MUA Eye Shadows
(Not just the shade pictured but all of the shades!)
Rate - 
MUA is a British makeup brand sold only in Superdrug (as far as I know), for incredibly low prices ranging from £1- £7. I own a range of MUA eyeshaddows including some singles and a palette and that is because I love them!

Heaven and Earth Palette - £4
The single eyeshaddows are only £1 and the palettes are £4 and come in lots of highly pigmented shades. This includes matte eyeshaddows as well as shimmers which I find are incredibly difficult to find on to high street.  

From left to right: Shade 30, Shade 11, Shade 1, Shade 20, Shade 19 and Shade 17

At some point I think I will buy a cheap palette off ebay and depot all of my single eyeshaddows as the main down point to these products is that the packaging is poor, especially for the singles. But then again for £1 what do you expect?
I would really recommend these eyeshaddows if you are just staring out in makeup and want to build your collection but do not have the money to spend £10 on an eyeshaddow from MAC!

Hate - 
As you can tell for my recent posts I have not been getting on with concealers lately as my hate is yet again a concealer and what is even worse is that it is from Bare Minerals as well. 

Bare Minerals Concealer SPF 20

Don't get me wrong I love Bare Minerals as a brand and love lots of their products, that is why I am so gutted when a product of their's disappoints me and boy did this disappoint! 
Concealers are meant to conceal right? That is why they are called concealers, so why did this product do nothing but accentuate the flaws and imperfections I am trying to hide?! Even though I bought the lightest shade it is also still too dark for me making my face look patchy and discolored in some areas.
It was also very messy to apply.

Maybe if my skin was perfect this product would work for me, but then if I had perfect skin why would I need a concealer?

It's looking like I am having a concealer crisis, any suggestions?

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Eleanor xx
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