A Few Bits and Bobs Haul

29 March 2013
It feels very strange showing some of the items in this haul as I purchased some of them months ago, because the truth is I don't buy a lot of things very often. I go shopping lots but normally only come back with one or two things as I hate parting with my money. 

Don't get me wrong, I love that rush of adrenaline when you find the perfect dress that fits like a glove and you practically run to the till before handing over your money so you can take that slice of heaven (in the form of a dress) home. But when you get home and check your purse and it's empty, the sense of satisfaction suddenly disappears. 

So if anyone has a magic purse or a money tree they'd like to lend me that would be greatly appreciated. In the mean time this is what I bought...

You may be very shocked to see the candle in my haul, as it is technically a Christmas candle. I bought this when I went to Clarks Village a while back and there was a Hallmark outlet store. As it is no longer Christmas this candle was half price and I just couldn't resist. 
This candle is actually amazing! I don't think the scent is particularly Christmasy so I can get away with burning it in my house, but wow is this sweet. If you do not like sweet scents, do not get this as you may find it sickly sweet but I love the sugary cookie scent. Also you don't have to burn it for long as the scent quickly fills the room and lasts.

Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie - £4.95 ish.

I have been eyeing up this crop top in Topshop ever since I saw it appear in the 'New In' section of their website. The shape is really unique to any other crop tops I own and I love the two cheetahs on the front as it really reminds me of something Rihanna would wear. They have more of these crop tops but with different motifs on the front and when it warms up I'm sure I will be buying them!

Topshop Crop Top - £14

Now if you've been reading my blog since the start you will know how long I have wanted a chain necklace, and finally the waiting has paid off as I found the perfect one in H and M. I have been struggling to find one for a long time as all the ones I saw were either too long, felt cheap or were way too pricey but this is perfect! I can't wait to do some OOTD's showing you how I like to style it!

H and M - £5.99

I have been having a lot of concealer trouble lately as some of you may know, so I have been looking for a new one to try. I have heard so many things on blogs about the Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer and have wanted to try it for ages but every time I went into Boots or Superdrug they never had my colour. But yesterday was the day. There was one left in Superdrug in my colour and they were doing £2 off Collection makeup, it was a coincidence destiny! 
First impressions: I LIKE, I LIKE A LOT!

Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer - £3.69

As you may have noticed that blogger randomly disabled the comments on my last post but it's all sorted now...YAY! Hope you have a lovely weekend, I'd love to know what your doing!

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Eleanor xx
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