Sunday Nails - Spring Flowers

17 February 2013
I'd just like to apologise in advance at my shocking attempt at nail art this week, my only excuse is that it was my first ever attempt at flowers and they have turned out looking rather like blobs.

If anyone asks me what they are meant to be I think I will just give them a long arty farty answer like "They are abstract flowers, showing the daze of rich colours that are scattered across the meadows of Great Britain during the beautiful season that we call spring". 

I think next week to give my poor damaged nails a well earned rest I will do a nail art/nail care tips kind of post, what do you think? 

I'd also just like to add a huge "THANK YOU!" to everyone who reads my posts as I have just hit 200 followers! I know it doesn't really matter whether you have 2 followers or 2000 followers, but it does mean a great deal to me that 200 actually want to listen to what I have to say. I should really do a giveaway a some point, maybe if I reach 500 followers or something...

If any of you do nail art I'd love to see for a bit of 'nailspiration'! Link it in the comments and I'll defiantly have a look.

Eleanor xx
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