Sunday Nails - Be My Valentine

10 February 2013
This Thursday is a day that many of us either dread or look forward to: Valentines Day. Well instead of dwelling on the fact that I will be spending yet another year without a boyfriend on Valentines Day, I thought I'd embrace the love and paint my nails to celebrate the occasion. 

Note: Personally I do prefer Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday which is on Tuesday because it means I can stuff my face with delicious homemade pancakes but I don't think that would have looked as pretty on my nails!

I used Rimmel London in 315 Ready, Aim, Paint! (Well I think that's the name) and my WAH Models Own Nail Art Pen in White.

Well however you are spending Valentines Day I hope you have a lovely day, I'd love to hear what your getting up to.

Eleanor xx
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