Sunday Nail - Splash of Paint

3 February 2013
This week had been quite a disaster on the nail front as my nails have got in such bad condition that they are constantly chipping and breaking, leaving me with some normal nails and some dwarf nails. 

Also this week I couldn't decide what to do with my nails, I have nearly every colour there is yet I just didn't feel like painting my nails with any of them. So I tried to do some marble nails which turned out to be a huge fail, and got so fed up that I put nearly every single colour I own onto my nails and this was the result...

Bit crazy eh? They are a bit 90's with all of the clashing colours and splattered paint but I think I like it!

A couple of people have asked about me doing tutorials, but most of the time I don't know how my nails will turn out as its all a bit of an experiment!

As there are so many colours I used it might be a bit much for me to write them all but if you want to know a specific colour or more about how I created this mess that I call nail art, feel free to ask me in the comments!

Eleanor xx

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