Nail Care and Nail Art Tips

24 February 2013
I'd just like to start off by saying that in no way am I a nail technician or nail artist, these tips I am going to share are just things that work for me and are in no way 'rules' that you must stick to!

1. When your nail varnish starts to chip take it off, DO NOT PICK AT IT! This is something I am very guilty of as I'll just sit there in my lessons peeling off my nail varnish, but while peeling of my chipped nail varnish it also peels of layers of my nails. This damages your nails causing them to split and chip.

I like to carry round these little nail varnish remover pads from boots in my bag, they were only cheap but work well at getting off my nail varnish when I'm out and about and my nails start to chip.

2. Whenever you see people in films or TV programs filing their nails they always go back and forth sawing their nails, damaging their nails causing them to split and break. You should cut your nails with clippers or nail scissors and then file your nails one way in long sweeping motions, holding the end of the nail file gently, to achieve beautifully shaped nails.

3. If my nails are particularly short I like to gently push back my cuticles to make the most of my nails as if you don't push back your cuticles it will grow over your nails. But be gentle as they are also there to protect your nails.

4. I always use a basecoat before painting my nails as it protects your nails from being stained by nail varnish. My favourite at the moment is by Barry M and it is a Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener.

5. My last tip is to just go for it! Don't worry about making a mistake or painting within the lines as it don't matter in the end as they're just your nails. I never paint my nails very neatly I always neaten them up with some cotton buds and some nail varnish remover. So don't be afraid to practice and experiment with nail art because practice makes perfect.

I hope that this has helped some of you and normal Sunday Nails will return next Sunday. If there is any specific nail art you'd like me to have a go at let me know in the comments.

Eleanor xx
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