February Rate or Hate

27 February 2013
February has been such a weird month weather wise,is it too much to ask for it to be summer already so I can buy and wear pretty floral summer dresses and denim shorts? obviously yes as its cold and I'm ill, ew. 

I'm really looking forward to March as on Saturday (2nd of March) me and my friends are going to Cardiff to see *One Direction! Later in the month its my sister's 18th birthday so I'll be going shopping to buy her lots of nice presents, I might do a post showing you what she got if she let's me and if you'd like to see that kind of post?

*Note - I know lots of people do not like One Direction, but I do so if you don't get over it!

This months Rate or Hate -

Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NW15 and Clarins Beauty Flash Balm 

Rate - 
You may have seen the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm on many blogs as I know it is a favourite among many beauty bloggers but I've had this little tester for a while as my mum was given this at a Clarins counter when buying a lot of makeup and she gave it to me. 
My skin has been hideous this month because I've been ill so I've been using Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. It gives a very matte finish which I personally don't like, but this balm has been my savior as it brightens my skin and makes my foundation have a more natural finish. 

It doesn't make your skin look to dewy or feel greasy it just leaves your skin looking bright and glowing. It does claim to 'Tighten' your skin but I don't really see these effects, that could be because I am quite young and my skin doesn't need tightening or just because it doesn't tighten your skin, I don't know. When I finish this tester I will be buying the full size version for sure!
The full size version is £29 for 50ml
Hate -
I feel bad saying that I hate any Mac product especially one that so many people love but I can't stand this concealer. I bought it under a year again when I was looking for a full coverage concealer that wasn't orange and covered my spots, so after hearing lots of good things about this I decided to pop down to Mac and buy this, something that I really regret doing now. 
This concealer claims to cover everything even tattoo's but didn't cover my spots, it covered a few little marks but not the big red spots that you don't want anyone to see. On my skin it highlights dry matches and makes my skin look cakey, I also tried using it under my eyes but it creased like nothing I've ever used before.

It also slides around my face and doesn't last even a couple of hours! I thought this was because I have slightly oily skin but then on my dry patches it looks hideous, so unless you have perfect normal skin this will not suit you.

For £14.50 from a high end brand I would expect a lot better! But I'm going to use it up anyway as I hate wasting money.

Have you ever used any of these products? Do you think the Mac Studio Finish Concealer is a horrible product or maybe I'm just using it wrong!

Eleanor xx
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