Sunday Nails

20 January 2013
I thought that since my last post was very wordy that today I would do a very quick simple post showing you my nails. Please excuse the few minor chips as they are a couple of days old, but I wanted to show you my first attempt of using my Models Own nail art pens that I showed in my last haul.

I found that they were very simple to use and dried quickly, which is good as I hate waiting around for my nails to dry. The only problem I found was that when I went to apply my topcoat they smudged, I don't know whether this was the topcoat I used or the  nail art pens but either way it was really irritating!

The nail varnishes I used were Barry M Black 47, Matt White 66, Basecoat and OPI  Rapidry Topcaot.

If you like these kind of posts I can do them every Sunday.

Eleanor x

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