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12 January 2013
When me and my lovely mother were in town today we decided to have a quick look in a couple of shops and see if we could find any bargains in the sales. Sadly we did not find any clothing items in the sales but we did get a couple of bargains from Primark, Boots and Curry's PC World, so I thought I would do a small haul.
(Please excuse the photo's the lighting in my room is awful because outside the weather is miserable)

The first place we went to was Primark. Now, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with  Primark, as I love their prices but sometimes the quality and products are quite rubbish, but I already knew what I wanted before I went, so there wasn't that much of a problem.

XS Regular Fit Crew Neck T-Shirt
Primark £2.50
First I found this plain white t-shirt in the men's section for £2.50! Personally I prefer the men's basic t-shirts as I like the style more, and as it's only a basic item it doesn't really matter that it is a men's t-shirt.
With this t-shirt I am planning to roll the sleeves up, so that it looks similar to the one's Topshop are charging about £14 for.

Black Maxi Skirt
Primark £8
Also in Primark (but in the women's section this time!) I found this lovely black jersey maxi skirt for £8. I have been looking for a skirt like for a long time but I can never find one I like for a reasonable price, but this skirt it cheap yet the jersey is still quite thick, unlike other skirts where the jersey is see through. Unfortunately it does have a slit up the leg, which I personally don't like, so I will either try sew up or try to rock it but for £8  I couldn't miss it!

Frilly Socks
Primark £1.50
The last thing I bought from Primark are these black socks with a lace trim. Previously I bought a white pair from Topshop for £3.50 but in Primark they sell a large variety of colours for £1.50, that means I could buy too pairs from Primark for less than the price of 1 pair in Topshop bargain!

eylure 107 Lashes
Boots £5.35
We then went to boots and I bought the eylure Naturalites Evening Wear 107 Lashes for a dance show I am doing next week. They are dramatic yet still look quite real as not all the lashes are the same length and half the price of MAC lashes at £5.35.

Models Own Nail Art Pen's
Boots £6 each 
Also in Boots I bought two Models Own Nail Art Pen's, one in black and the other in white. I have been eyeing these up for a long time as I love nail art but hate using cocktail sticks, so when I saw that Boots were doing an offer on Models Own nail and lip products I had to buy them. The offer was buy two Models Own nail or lip products (excluding the nail trio's) for £8 and as each nail art pen cost £6 each, I saved £4, plus got some more points for my boots card which is always nice. 

Camlink TP1700 Tripod
Curry's PC World £12.99
And the last thing I bought was from Curry's PC world, no they have not started selling clothes or makeup, I went in there looking for a camera tripod. I didn't want anything very expensive, I just wanted a basic tripod that was full size and I settled on the Camlink TP1700 Tripod as it is full size, comes with a carry case and had £7 off reducing it from £19.99 to £12.99. The only thing is that when I got home my Dad said that he had a tripod in the cupboard somewhere that had never been used, so if I can find that I will be taking this one back and getting a refund.

As I mentioned next week I am in a dance show and will be at rehearsals all week so I might not have time to post, the week after that I then have an exam that I need to revise for. Please stick with me, I will hopefully manage to post but they will just not be as frequent as I'd like. 

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