New Purse

6 January 2013
My old purse was a small tapestry coin purse that I bought from Topshop about 2 years ago, it was pretty and nice while it lasted but sadly it is no longer big enough. There was no room to store cards and when I tried to pay for something in a shop it would explode as soon as I opened it and everything would fall out. It was quite awkward crawling on the fall picking up my pennies every time everything fell out. So it was about time I got a new purse.

My new purse is from Dune, which is mainly a shoe shop but also sells accessories and bags. Its name is KIDDS - Metal Stud Detail Purse.


It is black and studded all over the front and back as you can see from the pictures.

I love studs and the fact they are gold makes them even better!

It has plenty of room for cards

I like to keep my change in this middle section

And my notes in the zip compartment on the back
Yet again sorry it's not an outfit post, I'm working on it!

Eleanor x
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