Mac Red Lipstick

1 January 2013
For months now I have been looking for the perfect red lipstick for my collection.

I love red lipsticks as they can be worn all year round not just in summer or winter unlike other lipsticks. I think that getting the right lipstick can also complete an outfit or makeup look, so when I wear a simple outfit without a lot of colour I just pop on a bright lipstick to spice it up a bit.

So when I received Mac Red from my sister at Christmas I was overjoyed. Previously when looking at Mac lipsticks I had never really looked at Mac Red or heard a lot about it, so when I received it I was intrigued to how the colour would appear on my lips. Mac Red is a lovely red lipstick with a pink undertone and it is in a satin finish. I love the finish of this lipstick because it isn't extremely sheer or glossy but not drying or matte, it is moisturizing yet still very pigmented. 

If you have tried this lipstick let me know what you think in the comments,

Eleanor x

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