January Wishlist

3 January 2013
I'm sorry this isn't an outfit post, I am planning a few outfit posts but I need the weather to be nice to get some decent photo's and the weather the past couple of days hasn't been fabulous. Hopefully my next post will be an outfit post, but instead today I'd thought I'd do a January Wishlist of things I would like to buy this month.

Dr. Martens 8 Eyelet Lace Up Boot - £100
I've wanted a pair of Dr. Martens for SO long but never really known which pair I wanted. These boots will be perfect all year round and I think a worthy investment as I am hoping they will last me a very long time. Hopefully if I save up I'll be able to afford them for summer, as they will look perfect with a pair of distressed shorts.

Topshop Burnout Letter Tee - £22
While browsing through the 'New In' section on the Topshop website I found this really unusual jersey t-shirt with letters printed on it. I really want to build up my collection of basic t-shirts as they are really versatile and easy to style but this is different to anything I've seen before. I do however think that £22 is a little over priced for a t-shirt but I will probably find a way of justifying it in my head.

Asos Chain Necklace - £12 
I know a lot of people think that chains are chavvy but I think like any item of clothing or jewellery all depends on the way you style it. Don't worry I don't plan on pairing it with a pink velour tracksuit, probably just a simple white t-shirt. But I am a bit worried about buying jewellery online as I like my jewelry to be heavy, so I like to hold it.

River Island Gold Spikes - £6 
I think these spikes from River Island are such a good idea. I always want to stud my clothes but don't want to buy 2 of everything (1 studded and the other not). So with these you can customize your clothes but you are not restricted to them being studded all the time. Though I don't think 10 is enough personally so I would have to buy 2 packs.

MUA Fur Effects Nails In Fluffy Puff - £3
When I first heard of the fur nail effects MUA was launching this week I was like "WHAT?! FUR Nails???" but then I looked at some pictures and it actually looked so cute! These are either going to be a huge trend or people are going to look at me like I'm crazy! They come in 5 colours - Boo boo fluff, Fluff and Cuddles, Fluffy Bobbin, Fluffy Puff and Fluffy Fuzz. My favorite is Fluffy Puff a baby pink colour. These are available from Superdrug tomorrow (4th January). 

Let me know what you are lusting over this month in the comment, I would love to know.

Eleanor x

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