January Rate or Hate

30 January 2013
I can't believe that January is nearly over, I have a feeling this year is going to go by very  quickly.

At the end of ever month lots of beauty and fashion bloggers will do their monthly favorites, I love these posts but wanted to do something slightly different. Each month I'm going to tell you 2 products that I either rate or hate that month (see what I did with the rhyming then!) This way I don't bore you with a long list and give you a balance of opinions by telling you something I wouldn't recommend you try. 

This months Rate and Hate - 

Tresemmé Protect Leave In Conditioner and Bare Minerals Flawless Face Brush

Rate -
Over the summer my hair got in extremely bad conditioner because I was curling my fine hair nearly everyday, it became very dry and frizzy due to all of the split ends I had. But this product has helped my hair on the way to recovery. 
I use the Tresemmé Protect Leave In Conditioner once every week and leave it on for about 5 minutes before washing it out and drying my hair. It leaves my hair incredibly soft, reduces the frizz and I'm sure that after a few trips to the hair dresser and use of this, my hair will be in better condition in a few months.

Hate - 
This miniature version of the Flawless Face Brush came in the Get Started kit by Bare Minerals that my parents got me for Christmas last year. It was intended to be used with the Bare Minerals Foundation but I personally prefer to use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush as I feel it gives a better coverage and finish. 
But I have been reaching for a bit of blusher to brighten my face in these dull winter months and thought this would be the perfect brush to apply my blush. How wrong can you be? 
For a high end brand I expected this brush to be amazing but all of the bristles keep falling out, and its the same with all the other brushes that came in the set. I don't know if mine are just faulty but its so annoying when all the little bristles stick to my face as they are incredibly difficult to get off.
I can't stress enough how much I am disappointed with not only this brush but all of my Bare Minerals brushes and I would really not recommend them.

What are your rates or hates this month? Leave them in the comments as I'd love to know!

Eleanor x

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